Taichung night club facing charges of public obscenity, now being investigated for animal cruelty to alpaca

A newly-opened nightclub in Taichung City faced two run-ins with the law in the last week after dancers simulated a sex act on stage, on one occasion, and an Alpaca was brought into the club on another.

The night club was investigated by police after a dance performance on January 10 saw two female dancers, wearing skin-tight, skin-colored tights, sitting on top of a male dancer and gyrating their hips in a simulated sex act. A member of the audience recorded the performance, and uploaded the video to a Facebook group.

Police suspected that the performance violated laws relating to public obscenity under Article 234 of the Criminal Code.

Police questioned the Taiwanese nightclub manager and the three dancers, who were all of Belarussian nationality, according to Liberty Times, and handed them over to the Taichung District Prosecutor’s Office to face relevant charges.

Dancers performing an act suspected to have breach public indecency regulations in a Taichung City nightclub, January 10, 2021. Picture from “Black Giants” Facebook group.

A few days later, an investigation into possible animal cruelty began after it was reported that nightclub managers had arranged a “hot girl” to bring an alpaca into the nightclub at around 3:00 am on January 15.

The Taichung City Animal Protection Department stated that it had conducted a joint investigation with the relevant bureau of the city government, and has identified the owner.

The alpaca was found on a farm in Daxi, Taoyuan, and has been taken into protection. The Department of Animal Protection said that alpacas naturally live in grasslands or areas such as pastures, and are not suited to enter noisy environments, with loud sound effects, and strong light effects.

The Director of Animal Protection, Lin Ru-liang, sat that the animals, like humans, rise with the sun and rest after sunset, and the act may have breached the Animal Protection Act.

hot girl and alpaca
Alpaca brought into nightclub in Taichung City. Picture: Instagram.

Legal experts and commentators quoted in various media reports said that what constitutes public indecency under the law is relatively vague. The dancers were not naked, and the performance occurred at a venue where only those over 18 years of age were present.

A lawyer named Wang, was quoted in a Liberty Times report as saying that according to the conservative views of judges in the system, there is a chance of a verdict of guilty, but in making the judgement, the judge still has to consider: “who has been harmed?” and “who is being protected?”

Three dancers at center of public indecency investigation. Picture orginally published in Liberty Times and attributed to “member of the public.”

Another legal authority was quoted as saying that the definition of obscenity should be based on the degree to which each generation can tolerate it. Nowadays, with the development of the Internet and the explosion of sexual information, the openness of the people has increased significantly compared with the past. Take gay parades as an example. The marchers wore a few clothes and showed sex-related actions. They were not considered indecent. What’s more, the case was in a nightclub where the dancers did not actually have sex, and the audience were all over the age of 18.

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