A mutant virus, excess gore, and violent zombie hordes: Taiwan’s first movie release in 2021

Some pre-release reviews say that the Made in Taiwan zombie flick The Sadness is different from horror movies such as Korea’s Train to Busan, because the monsters are not the living dead, but living humans that have mutated in such a way that they are hellbent on fulfilling the most evil desires in their hearts. But, according to the official trailer, and research so far, The Sadness promises to be horrifying, and will probably rate quite highly on the cringe

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Zombie Horde Brings Traffic to a Standstill in Beitou: Police Issue 69 Fines

Police were dispatched after a horde of people playing Pokemon-Go invaded an area around the public library in Beitou District, New Taipei City. A crowd of people, eyes-glued-to-phone, shuffled around in a throng, sliding fingers on screens until traffic was blocked. Police were called to clear the road and direct traffic.

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