United Nations helps Chinese Communist Party make American high schoolers say Taiwan part of China

A high school in Colorado changed references to Taiwan on its website after a UN committee said it was a “hiccup” in an application for students to participate in a UN teen advisory board. “Trying to give some students a taste of foreign affairs, Colorado’s Regis Jesuit High School applied for credentials to attend the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women,” The Wall Street Journal reported September 10. However, the UN emailed the school informing them of a

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The heartening journey of Ilha Formosa to its rightful place

By Harry Sheridon and Elsa Lycias Joel Taiwan being a self-reliant country, there should never be a sovereignty dispute with the global bodies parroting Chinese propaganda. With the US arms sales to Taiwan, totalling more than $25 billion between 2007 and 2018, it is evident that a chartered member of the UN was only keen on its business rather than mediating anything peaceful between anybody. Shielding a country from increasingly aggressive anti-democratic forces is not possible unless and until the

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Five human-rights-violating dictatorships elected to United Nations Human Rights Council while democratic nation Taiwan still denied UN membership

The United States and Israel are among critics of the United Nations General Assembly’s decision to advance China, Russia, Cuba, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan to the United Nation’s top human rights body – the United Nation’s Human Rights Council (UNHCR), and Taiwan United Nations Alliance is also calling out the UN’s hypocrisy. “Today the UN General Assembly once again elected countries with abhorrent human rights records, including China, Russia, and Cuba. Venezuela was elected in 2019,” US Secretary of State Mike

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United Nations Women excludes Taiwan in survey of women’s participation in politics

Taiwan’s Presidential Office slammed the United Nation’s agency representing the empowerment of women – UN Women, after the international body lumped Taiwan in with China in a survey released recently on women’s participation in politics. UN Women didn’t even count Taiwan among nations with a woman as head of state, claiming that only 20 countries had a woman as head of state. The Presidential Office corrected this on a graphic tweeted by the spokesperson yesterday, March 13. As can be

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