Post Typhoon Clean-up: Rescues and Airdrops Continue

Wulai Township: A clearer picture of Typhoon Soudelor’s destructive power emerged Monday, as weather cleared, floodwaters receded, and rescue crews reached isolated communities around Wulai, south of Taipei City. The main tourist thoroughfare, Wulai’s ‘Old Street’ is covered by mud, rocks, and other debris. The bridge linking the old street to the main part of the village and its hot-springs resorts, has lost its safety rails. The narrow gauge coal train, constructed during the Japanese colonial period, and now used

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Typhoon Soudelor Grinding Over Taiwan: The Damage So Far

The whole island of Taiwan is now under the influence of this year’s strongest tropical storm Typhoon Soudelor. Huge waves began pounding the east coast this morning, and tourists packed trains and buses to leave the popular tourist areas. Airports were crowded with travelers forming long lines to find vacant seats on flights before take-offs and landings are halted. The following incidents happened during the afternoon of August 7, long before the full brunt of the Typhoon was felt. In

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Taiwan Braces for Typhoon Soudelor

The strongest typhoon to form in the Pacific this year is plowing towards Taiwan at the time of writing Thursday evening August 6, 2015. The full brunt of Typhoon Soudelor is expected to be felt Friday night as the typhoon crosses the island. The forecast track will take it across the middle of the island before heading north-west across the Taiwan Strait into China. The first rains brought by the typhoon have already fallen in Taipei, and other parts of Taiwan.

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