Ministry of Labor says no menstrual leave for transgender women

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Taiwan’s Ministry of Labor said that transgender women are not entitled to menstrual leave, because transgender women don’t have a uterus, and therefore do not menstruate. Under Taiwan’s Gender Equality in Employment law, women are entitled to take one day off per month, with a maximum three per year not counting towards days off for sick leave. The employee is not required to provide supporting documents, and the employer cannot refuse or allow the absence to affect such aspects as

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Transgender couple’s pregnancy announcement sparks medical controversy

An Internet celebrity who underwent sex reassignment surgery to become a woman announced that she was pregnant yesterday, sparking skepticism and controversy among the public and medical community. Jiang Jiawen (江嘉文) who goes by the nickname “Wang Yao,” made the announcement via Instagram yesterday, February 18, showing a picture of her belly, along with an ultrasound showing a foetus. Jiang said that she was 12 weeks pregnant. The 28-year-old Internet celebrity underwent sex reassignment surgery in Thailand in 2017. The

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