US government approves activation of direct USA to Taiwan Internet cable

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) yesterday approved Google’s application to activate the California to Taiwan portion of an undersea Internet cable network that has laid dormant due to security concerns since 2018. The 120 terabit-per-second fibre-optic Pacific Light Cable Network began development in 2016 with funding from tech giants Google and Facebook who touted the project as the first direct undersea cable to connect Hong Kong and the USA. However, a joint Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and

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Google and Facebook apply to route trans-Pacific data via Taiwan and Philippines amid China security concerns

Google and Facebook are seeking permission from America’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to route data via undersea cables landing in Taiwan and the Philippines after attempts to activate links to Hong Kong and China faced security hurdles, according to a report in TechCrunch, February 7. In 2016, the two tech giants announced development of a new fiber-optic undersea cable network that would be the first direct undersea cable to connect Hong Kong and the USA. The 120 terabit-per-second Pacific Light

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