Viral madness: passenger makes self-protective COVID cocoon on long-haul flight

Fellow passengers barely batted an eyelid when a man made an improvised social isolation tent to protect himself and his companions from possible viral infection on a flight from Los Angeles to Guangzhou, China, according to reports from Taiwan news outlets. The reports came after a Chinese citizen uploaded a picture of the incident on social media site Weibo. The picture was said to be taken on Monday, January 10. In the picture it can be seen that the passenger

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People play Popcat while world burns but Taiwan pipped on the pop chart

As the world watches the Taliban’s advance on Kabul, and western civilization crumbles in the face of mutant strands of RNA, citizens in a bunch of mostly democratic countries in Asia and Europe are mindlessly poking their digital devices, oblivious to the impending apocalypse. Based on a popular meme where a cat called Oatmeal opens her mouth in the form of a perfect “O,” the game “Popcat” requires the player to simply poke the closed mouth of the cat to

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Man Survives Bridge Fall

A drunk man fell approximately 2 stories into a rocky riverbed after losing his balance in Taichung City. After having a fight with his girlfriend, he got rotten drunk, and while crossing the bridge on foot decided to stop and rest. While sitting on the safety barrier, he lost his balance and fell into the dry river bed below. He suffered multiple fractures in the incident.

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