Starlux Airlines opens recruiting for 127 personnel: expecting recovery of aviation tourism industry

Starlux Airlines announced that it was seeking 127 recruits for flight crew and ground service personnel starting today, March 31. The positions are to fill manpower demand for new aircraft delivered, and flight routes opening in the second half of 2021, the airline said. Vacancies include cabin crew, maintenance, sales, customer service, airport operations and internal administration jobs. Starlux Airlines CEO Glenn Chai said that the global aviation industry has been hit hard by the epidemic in the past year,

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MOTC proposes NT$30 billion bailout fund, China Airlines issues NT$10 billion in bonds as aviation industry faces virus crisis

The Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) has proposed an NT$30 billion bailout loan package for Taiwan’s six airlines, but the plan has not yet been approved by the premier, according to Executive Yuan Spokesperson Kolas Yotaka. A previous bailout package was approved to the tune of NT$4.8 billion, but MOTC Minister Lin Chia-lung indicated recently that the figure may be raised to NT$30 billion because the aviation industry requires capital turnover. Today’s announcement comes on the same day that

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Starlux takes delivery of second airliner: CEO flies it home

Starlux Airlines took delivery of its second Airbus A321neo in Hamburg, Germany, December 19, and Chairman Chang Kuo-wei personally took the helm and flew it back to Taiwan, arriving at Taipei Taoyuan International Airport this morning, December 23. The aircraft, registered as B-58202, is the second of three A321s expected to start flying on three routes from January 23. Hands-on chairman Chang led a team to inspect the aircraft, seeing it through a test flight December 18 before taking delivery

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Taiwan’s Newest Airline starts Recruitment Drive for Pilots

Starlux Airlines announced today that it would do its best to cultivate Taiwanese pilots, saying that the company would inculcate safety as an attitude, not just a requirement. Starlux Chairman Chang Kuo-wei said that anyone with ROC nationality who has a university degree , and English language certification, can apply to become a pilot. Military officers can also apply. As well as relevant qualifications, applicants should have team spirit, good communications skills, and a sense of mission. Applications can be

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