Big wave hits joggers on Tainan City coast leaving one dead, one injured

One man died, and one was injured, after a large wave knocked over three people jogging along a sea wall near the entrance of Anping Harbor this morning. According to reports, three men named Lee, Lin, and Chiu met at the Anping Port North Dike for an early morning run. At around 7:00 am, a large wave suddenly surged over the seawall, knocking the men off their feet. Lin, 53, suffered head injuries, and Lee had injuries to his legs.

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Rogue Wave Death-toll reaches 5, Three still Missing

The number of fatalities caused by large waves generated by typhoon Jebi rose today after two bodies were found off the coast of Ilan County and another woman drowned this morning. Seven people were washed into the ocean in three separate incidents in Ilan County yesterday afternoon when a series of large waves suddenly surged over the beach at Nanao and Neiwan. In one of the incidents, an eight year-old girl cried for help after being dragged out by a

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Big Waves Lash North Coast: Truck Swept to Sea, 104 Anglers Trapped, 1 Person Drowned

[Cover picture: United Daily News] Anglers fishing off a breakwater at the entrance of Keelung Harbor were suddenly faced with a life-threatening situation when a series of large waves surged over the concrete platform this morning. Keelung Harbor Bureau said that sea conditions before the waves began to surge where normal. At around 8:00am waves began to surge over the breakwater. A truck that had just pulled up near the edge of the breakwater was knocked over by the waves.

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