Water buffalo wanders onto train tracks in Hualien County

Man shot 7 times after threatening ...

Express trains were ordered to slow down, but no major delays were reported after a water buffalo wandered onto the tracks in Fuli Township, Hualien County this morning. According to Taiwan Railways Administration, the station master on duty at Dongzhu Station spotted the buffalo on the tracks as it trotted by the station platform at 6:25 am. The station master notified the local police station, and railway police stationed at Yuli. Police officers drove the buffalo off the tracks and

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Railway Cops arrest fare-evader after he bites train conductor

A man was arrested in Pingtung County this morning after biting a train conductor who asked him to show a ticket. Mr Zhuang, 51, at first hid in a toilet cubicle after the train conductor asked him to show a ticket. At around 10:50am, as the train arrived at Chaozhou Station, Zhuang opened the door, and bit the conductor on the arm before fleeing. Zhuang then boarded another train on the opposite platform, but was arrested by officers of the

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Railway cop stabbed to death by fare-evading passenger

An officer from the Railway Police Bureau died in hospital today after being stabbed by a man traveling on a train without a ticket last night in Chiayi City. Officer Lee Cheng-han (李承翰), just 8 days shy of his 25th birthday, boarded limited express train 152 at Chiayi Station at 8:42pm, after the conductor reported an unruly passenger without a ticket who refused to alight from the train. While Lee attempted to get the 54-year-old passenger named Zheng (鄭) off

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