PAC-3 missiles deployed in Taipei Zoo carpark ahead of nation-wide military exercise

A Patriot III surface-to-air missile system was deployed in the carpark of Taipei City Zoo in Muzha District today, as part of the nationwide Han Kuang (Hanguang) military exercises. The incongruous scene of a high-tech “Phased Array¬†Tracking Radar to Intercept on Target” air defense missile array set up in a civilian parking lot in a residential area of Taipei City drew the attention of members of the public who took pictures and uploaded them to social media. The missile system

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Mobile Missile Battery Involved in Car Accident

A mobile Patriot 3 missile launching platform was involved in a car accident this morning in Xindian (Hsintien) District, New Taipei City. Nobody was hurt in the accident. According to Chinese language media reports, the military vehicle was taking a turn at around 10:10pm when it approached the bend at the wrong angle. When the driver backed up to correct his turn, the trailer hit a civilian car stopped behind the vehicle. The PAC-3 missiles were not damaged in the

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