Government urged to speed up regulations on laughing gas after recent death caused by recreational use

The Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs was urged to speed up tightening regulations on the sale of nitrous oxide today, after a recent fatality related to its use as a recreational drug brought the issue to public attention. New Power Party legislator Hsu Yung-ming (徐永明), speaking to the Economics Committee of the Legislative Yuan urged the Industrial Development Bureau to not be idle on the task after fatality in Taoyuan City on November 11 was revealed

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Driver Charged after Driving under the influence of Laughing Gas

A woman in Taoyuan City yesterday was charged with the crime of public endangerment, after being found to have been driving under the influence of laughing gas when she crashed into another vehicle on Shoushan Road. Ms Liu, 23, rear-ended a car stopped at a red light at around 12:00 pm Sunday. When the driver of the other vehicle got out of his car to talk to Liu, he found her sitting in her car vigorously sucking on a balloon,

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