Stranded Bulk-freighter Finally Towed Free

A bulk carrier that ran aground off the coast of Taoyuan City October 14 was finally towed free at 11:00pm last night, October 20. The owners of the 95,717 DWT (Gross Tonnage: 50,626) Harvest Sky carrying a load of coal bound for an unloading facility in Linkou District accumulated fines of NT$800,000, after being issued an NT$100,000 fine every day the vessel was stranded. The vessel owners contracted Nippon Salvage to rescue the vessel, but a tug sent to attempt

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Oil Tanker Safe: Thanks to Japanese Horsepower.

Photo: Taiwan Coastguard. The 40,407 gross ton oil tanker Kang-yun, carrying 20,000 kiloliters of aviation fuel, along with heavy oil, and diesel fuel was dragged off the seabed today, after being grounded since December 1, 2016. The CNPC tanker Kang Yun ran aground Thursday morning, due to a combination of mechanical failure and bad weather, according to various reports in Taiwan’s Chinese language media. On Thursday, harbor officials downplayed the seriousness of the incident and assured the public that the

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