Underworld figure arrested after blatant insult to police angers Taiwan’s top cop

Police in Hsinchu County have arrested a man in connection to a case considered to be a blatant insult and provocation to Taiwan’s police force earlier this week. On Wednesday, September 15, a procession of local temple association groups banging drums and performing a lion dance proceeded to a police station in Zhudong Township, where they performed a noisy celebratory spectacle that included setting off fireworks in “congratulations” of the local police director’s “promotion.” However, the police branch director and

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Spiderman Killed Off in Police Video

The National Police Agency (NPA) has produced a video featuring Spiderman in an attempt to urge people to look behind before opening their car door into traffic. The video sees Spiderman attempt to foil a bank robbery. However, while chasing the crooks on foot, the popular superhero is killed by a driver who carelessly opens their car door without first looking behind them. The video was uploaded to the NPA Facebook page, where it received mostly favorable comments. Viewers called

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