Drunk driver caught after falling asleep on freeway

 A man has been charged for endangering the public after police responded to reports of a man laying in the emergency lane of National Highway 1 in Yunlin County early this morning. National Highway Police Dounan Branch received reports at around 3:00 am that a man was seen sleeping behind a car parked on the Huwei Township section of the freeway near the Dounan Interchange. Police found the man, named Tsai, obviously drunk with a breath alcohol level of 0.78

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Typhoon Meranti Threatens Holiday Long Weekend

The 14th typhoon to form in the north-west Pacific in 2016 is on track to hit Taiwan on the first day of the Mid-autumn Festival long weekend, according to Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau. Forecast charts published Saturday, September 10, predict the tropical storm will pass over Taiwan in the morning hours of Thursday, September 15, which happens to be the first day of a four-day holiday. Typhoon Meranti is currently around 2000km from Taiwan, and moving at a speed of

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