Snitches get riches reporting cigarette butt littering in Miaoli County

The Miaoli County Environmental Protection Bureau announced today that it has already received reports of 10,994 littering cases of which 90% consisted of dropping cigarette butts via the “Incentive Measures for Violation of Waste Clearance Cases” system this year. Two informants reported more than 800 cases of littering in a single month, and if every case results in a fine, each of those two informants will have earned more than NT$384,000 (US$13,672). The calculation is based on a fine of

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Man receives 22 fines after dropping 22 cigarette butts in 100-minute smoking binge

A man in Kaohsiung City plans to lodge an appeal after receiving 22 fines in the mail, all at once, for dropping 22 cigarette butts in a period of less than two hours. Mr Zeng said that he was in a bad mood on the evening of September 28, when he sat in the driver’s seat of his car, and chain smoked 22 cigarettes between 11:00 pm and 12:40 am. Zeng dropped each cigarette butt onto the road, unaware that

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