New lake formed by landslide in Taitung County, but Safety concerns about possible dam burst

The Taitung Forest District Management Office is monitoring a barrier lake formed after a landslide blocked a section of the upper reaches of the Danan River in Taitung county, and is warning residents and visitors to stay out of the riverbed below the newly-formed natural dam. Residents of Dongxing Village, Beinan Township, Taitung County, alerted authorities after water in the Danan Stream had a sudden significant decrease in water flow on February 5. A subsequent investigation revealed that a landslide

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Train narrowly misses being buried by landslide: services suspended between Taipei and Yilan

Two trains were stopped either side of an area being monitored by railway personnel shortly before a slope collapsed onto the railway tracks this morning, December 4. The location between Ruifang and Huotong Stations on the East Trunk Line was being monitored after a minor landslide on November 30 caused Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) to reduce two way traffic to one line. Two line traffic was restored yesterday, December 3. According to reports in United Daily News at around 8:30

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Rock-slide on Southern Cross-Island Highway

A rock-slide on the Southern Cross Island Highway this afternoon destroyed a rockfall-protection tunnel, and will probably delay re-opening of the road, after recent typhoon damage caused it to be closed to traffic. Road repair crews working in the tunnel managed to escape as falling rocks warned them of the impending disaster. The tunnel, located at the 184 kilometer mark at Liukuo Hot Springs in Taitung County, was due to be cleared by November. At around 3:00pm rocks began falling.

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Taiwan Tour Group Hit by Landslide: One Dead

A bus carrying a tour group from Taiwan was hit by a landslide in Fujian Province, China, this morning August 13. Twenty-two of the 23 people on board managed to escape through an emergency exit in the roof. A middle-aged Taiwanese woman died at the scene, and 12 are injured, including 2 seriously. At 10:43am this morning, the bus was traveling through Yongding District when the landslide caused by heavy rains hit the bus and flipped it over. Local villagers

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