Hot weather, low oxygen causes fish kills in Taipei rivers

Hot weather and low levels of dissolved oxygen have caused fish to die in their thousands in the rivers of Greater Taipei, according the Taipei City and New Taipei City environmental protection bureaus. The EPAs tested water and found no evidence of toxicity or pollution, but oxygen levels of 2.47 mg/l. Continuous hot weather and lack of rain has caused levels of dissolved oxygen in the rivers to drop, according to inspectors. Fish kills have been reported in the Dahan,

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Woman in Critical Condition after Collapsing of Heat Stroke

A woman in Changhua County collapsed on the roadside, and was found to have a body temperature of 41.5°C after being rushed to hospital. Medical staff in the emergency department of Changhua Christian Hospital applied ice to the unconscious woman’s body until her temperature dropped to 38°C, and the patient regained consciousness. The unidentified woman, around 60 years-old was then transferred to the intensive care unit to be kept under observation. Police are currently attempting to identify the woman and

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Power Demand Surges as Temperatures Soar

Peak power demand reached a yearly high today, June 26, as air-conditioners were cranked up in homes and offices across the nation and temperatures reached a daily maximum of 36.2°C in Banciao District at 1:30pm. National electricity provider Taipower reported that peak demand reached a yearly high of 35.189KW, 500,000KW greater than the previous high for 2017 recorded June 12. The electricity reserve ratio, stood at 6.2%, which measures as a yellow alert. The demand peak was recorded at 1:46pm.

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Taiwan Swelters: CWB Advises on Sun-Protection

Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau this morning issued an alert by instant messaging advising people to pay attention to sun-protection, drink plenty of water, and take measures to avoid heat-stroke, after temperatures reached 36°C at 9:43am in Taitung, and was expected to rise further during the day. The CWB said that Taiwan is currently under the influence of a Pacific high pressure system, and the Taipei area will experience temperatures between 33 and 36 °C, with a comfort level (heat index)

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Taipei 30.6 °C: Hottest Winter Solstice in 68 years

[Picture: United Daily News.] The mercury reached 30.6°C at 1:13pm in Taipei City today, marking the hottest temperature during winter solstice in 68 years, according to the Central Weather Bureau. Banciao District saw 30.9°C at 1:00pm. Last year also saw unusually hot temperatures for the winter solstice at a maximum of 30.5°C. The hottest temperature ever recorded in Taipei during the winter solstice was 31.5°C in 1934, while 1948 saw a high of 30.7°C.

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Express Train Derails in Hualian: Carriages Tipped Over

A train derailed in Hualian County near Ruisui Township at around 3PM this afternoon, Wednesday, June 22. Early reports say two people were injured. Expecting a large number of injuries due to the large number of passengers and the severity of the accident, fire-fighters and a large number of ambulances were dispatched to the scene. The number 307 Tz Chiang class express train derailed at 2:49PM, causing one carriage to fall on its side and two others lean over. Although

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