Unexploded military bombs destroyed on-site off coast of New Taipei City

Navy divers set explosive charges and destroyed a cache of 13 unexploded military bombs off the coast of New Taipei City this morning. The bombs were first spotted by a recreational diver on July 20, and a search of the area by navy divers July 21 located a total of 13 bombs. Although the age and condition of the military ordnance made them difficult to identify, they are believed to be from World War II. The area was cordoned off

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Cache of unexploded military bombs found in New Taipei City coastal waters

A popular scuba diving location has been sealed off after 13 unexploded bombs were identified by military divers in New Taipei City’s Gongliao District today, July 21. Coast Guard personnel first sealed off the area yesterday after a recreational scuba diver reported finding a large unexploded military bomb yesterday afternoon at Mao’ao Bay at around 3:00 pm. Military divers began a search of the area at around 9:00 am this morning, and by 2:45 pm had identified 13 large pieces

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