Ghost freighter runs aground in the Penghu Islands

An unnamed, unmanned freighter ran aground on Xiji Island in Penghu County, Taiwan in the early hours of this morning, January 18, and authorities are concerned of a possible pollution incident. The Coast Guard Administration Penghu branch received a report of a freighter seen aground on the rocky northern coastline of Xiji Island at around 10:20 am. The coast guard sent two patrol boats and a helicopter on an emergency rescue mission, only to find there was apparently nobody aboard

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Mystery deepens over Taiwanese ghost ship adrift in Pacific Ocean

The fate of the crew of a Taiwanese long-liner adrift in the Pacific Ocean is still unknown, after a fishing vessel approached the boat today, and failed to make contact with the crew, despite photographic evidence that suggests someone may still be onboard. The Port of Su’ao based long-liner fishing boat Yong Yu Sing No.18 was reported missing January 1, and was spotted by a fixed wing aircraft dispatched from Honolulu January 2, adrift more than 600 nautical miles northeast

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Stranded ship left to mercy of typhoon after towing operation aborted

As Typhoon Mitag bears down on Taiwan’s northeast coast, harbor authorities decided to abort an operation to tow a 1,000 tonne freighter off the rocky shore at Daxi Harbor, Yilan County, yesterday, after an inspection team found that the hull had already been breached and had taken on water. The crewless, nameless, freighter ran aground Saturday, September 28, after drifting into Taiwan waters from the Yangtze River via the sea of Japan. Maritime authorities believe that the ship had been

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Ghost ship runs aground in Yilan County as tropical storm approaches

A crewless Chinese freighter first spotted drifting off the coast of northeastern Taiwan yesterday, September 27, ran aground on a rocky shoreline outside Daxi Fishing Harbor in Yilan County today, September 28. According to United Daily News, Japanese authorities alerted Taiwan about the drifting ship Thursday, September 26, after it was spotted in Japanese waters. Japan also contacted maritime authorities in China, but received no response from the Chinese. Taiwan coast guard ships yesterday intercepted the ship 15.7 nautical miles

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