Sub-machine gun, pistols seized in Taoyuan City Casino raid

Police charged two men with weapons offences after guns were seized during a raid on an underground casino operating in Taoyuan City, December 1. Miaoli County, and Taoyuan City police units had been keeping a suspect known to be armed, and suspected of using a car wash and repair shop as a front for a casino, under observation since early October. On December 1, an ad-hoc team, including SWAT officers armed with MP5 submachine guns received a search warrant and

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Elderly gamblers busted in casino raid

Eight people, including seven elderly patrons were arrested in New Taipei City’s Sanxia District when police raided an illegal casino, Saturday, January 26. After three reports earlier this month led police to the wrong addresses, the officers finally honed in on a house on Baiji mountain, 1.5 kilometers from the misreported location. Inside the house, police arrested 8 people with a combined age of 570 years. While one of the arrested was only 47, the oldest was an 84-year-old woman,

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Dog Fighting Ring Busted in Taoyuan

Police in Taoyuan yesterday raided a property hosting dog fights involving pit bulls. A total of 55 people were arrested. Contest organizers used spears to torture and draw blood from the dogs in order to enrage them before fights. Guanyin District, Taoyuan, Saturday, June 24, police raided an isolated house and arrested organizers and gamblers. The organizer of the fights was named as a 33 year-old man, Mr. Hsieh. Thirteen people were classed as “staff,” including the organizer, the MC,

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