Asia’s Fattest Man becomes Taiwan’s Fattest Felon

A man who was once known as the “the fattest man in Asia” was arrested in Kaohsiung City after being on the run for more than year over criminal charges for fraud and embezzlement. Wu Yi-zheng (吳奕政) first came to public attention in 2012, when at 19 years old he was said to be the fattest man in Asia. The teenager weighed 226 kilograms and was 163 centimeters tall at the time. Wu made the news again the following year

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Fraudsters use Taiwan-based Priest’s Name to Sell Shoes Online

Fraudsters have been cashing in on the fame and reputation of Taiwan’s “father of reflexology,” Father Josef Eugster, and taking advantage of customers’ soft hearts, by concocting a story that the priest has been defrauded of his pension, and needs to sell shoes online to survive. The scammers urge readers to purchase foot massage shoes in order to recoup the Father Eugster’s losses. United Daily News reports that recently, news that Father Eugster had been defrauded of his pension has

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Evil Landlord Turns to Swindling Foreigners

A woman dubbed the Evil Landlord by Taiwan’s media turned to cheating foreigners after she became too recognizable to locals due to continuous media exposure. Zhang Shujing has a long history of defrauding tenants, and owners, from which she sub-leased properties. As well as crimes related to leasing properties, Zhang also has an extensive criminal record related to underground banking, loan-sharking, intimidation, violence, and embezzlement. In the latest case, Zhang used fake pictures of upscale accommodation to lure foreign travelers.

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