Farmers Plowing Their Crops in: Prices Too Low

[Picture: UDN] Farmers in Yunlin County are plowing their crops of leafy vegetables back into the ground and using them as ‘green manure’ due to a collapse in prices for cabbage, rape, bok-choi, and other leafy vegetables. Low prices have plagued farmers since the Chinese Lunar New Year when the price of cabbage fell so low that farmers invited consumers to come and pick their own cabbages for NT$10 (US$0.33) per kilogram. Recently the farm-gate price for cabbages fell to

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Motorists Complain about Peanut Farmers Occupying the Roads

November is peanut harvesting season in Taiwan, and in Yunlin County, peanut farmers take over the roads beside their fields to sun-dry their peanuts. On some roads, they leave one lane open for traffic, but in some cases, they take over the whole road, erecting a barrier at either end, forcing drivers to make lengthy detours. This traditional practice is drawing complaints from motorists who face the inconvenience of finding an alternative route to their destination. Farmers state that they

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