UK Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Taiwan Judiciary in Extradition Case

The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom ruled in favor of Taiwan judicial authorities contesting a decision made by the Appeal Court in Scotland concerning the extradition of a Scotsman who absconded from Taiwan after being convicted of offenses relating to a fatal traffic accident in 2010. Zain Dean was convicted and sentenced after trial by the District Court of Taipei in March 2011. The court pronounced Dean guilty of driving while under the influence of alcohol, negligent manslaughter, and

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Scotsman Wanted in Taiwan Remains in Custody After Bail Request

A British man wanted in Taiwan after being convicted and sentenced for a fatal drunk driving accident remains in custody in Scotland after a high court judge deferred a decision August 25, 2016. Zain Dean was accused of hitting and killing a newspaper delivery man in Taipei City in the early hours of March 27, 2010, and fleeing from the scene of the accident. After long and protracted legal proceedings, Mr Dean was convicted and sentenced to a four year

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