Taiwan to reduce sentences for growing marijuana for own use after constitutional ruling

The penalty for growing marijuana for one’s own use will be reduced from the current minimum of five years in prison, after the Judicial Yuan deemed such sentences unconstitutional based on the principle of proportionality. The ruling was made March 20 last year, and lawmakers were given one year to make amendments to the law. Amendments to the Drug Harm Prevention and Control Regulations will be sent to the Executive Yuan for discussion tomorrow, March 11, according to reports in

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Taiwan’s Reefer Madness extends to hemp seed oil: Public cautioned

Narcotics control authorities in Kaohsiung City warned the public not to purchase oil of unclear origin after traces of THC were detected in flax seed oil imported into Taiwan. After being informed by a member of the public, officials from the Kaohsiung City Government Department of Substance Abuse Control and Prevention were shocked to find that people were openly selling hemp seed oil products on the Internet. The bureau also cited a case of a woman who imported flax seed

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