Pitbull involved in fatal attack now up for adoption

A pit bull who bit a man in the thigh, piercing his femoral artery, and causing him to bleed to death, is being cared for in a Hsinchu County animal refuge until a suitable person can be found to adopt him. The Hsinchu County Fire Bureau responded to a report, Sunday, October 10, that a man had been seriously injured by a dog in Jianshi Township. Paramedics arrived to find that the man had already lost vital signs after bleeding

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Postman injured in vicious pit bull attack

A postman in Hsinchu County’s Hukou Township was treated for bite injuries and a sprained ankle, after a pit bull suddenly jumped off the back of a truck and attacked him yesterday, May 10. The postal worker named Zeng (曾), was approaching an intersection on Cheng-gong Road on his postal motorcycle when a black pit bull bitch, one of two dogs on the back of a truck stopped at a red light, leaped off the tray and attacked. Video footage

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Woman Hospitalized after being Mauled by Dogs

A woman is recovering in hospital after a vicious attack by a pack of dogs in Caotun Township, Nantou County, yesterday, November 8. The 67 year-old woman, named Lee, was riding a scooter on a road in an industrial area when a pack of dogs attacked her, dragging her off the scooter and mauling her head and limbs. Most media reports say that 6 dogs were involved in the attack, but video evidence has since emerged showing that only 3

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