Couple at center of China spy-ring allegations found in Taiwan and exit-restricted

The director of a Hong Kong-listed company who was named as an alleged high-level Chinese intelligence operative in an explosive media expose in Australia a few days ago was stopped at Taoyuan International Airport Sunday night, and has been restricted from leaving the country after being interviewed by prosecutors. Xiang Xin (向心) and his wife Gong Qing (龔青) were named by Wang Liqiang as the heads of a front company working for the Chinese intelligence service, during a media interview

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Faced with the task of interfering in Taiwan’s upcoming presidential election, China spy seeks political asylum in Australia

A Chinese operative was so successful in influencing Taiwan’s municipal elections in favor of candidates including Han Kuo-yu in 2018, he was given the task of interfering with the upcoming presidential elections with the aim of unseating President Tsai Ing-wen, the man told Australian media. Wang Liqian decided instead to risk his life by defecting to Australia, The Age newspaper reported today, November 23. Wang has offered “a trove of unprecedented inside intelligence” on how the Chinese government conducts political

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