False killer whale rushed to rescue center after beaching on northeast coast

Marine conservationists are working in shifts in an attempt to keep a dolphin alive after it was found stranded on a beach at Su’ao in Yilan County, yesterday, November 17. The false killer whale (Pseudorca crassidens), which is actually a species of oceanic dolphin, was reported stranded at around noon. Coast Guard officers and a veterinarian went to the scene to evaluate the dolphin’s condition and provide assistance. After examining the animal the coast guard and volunteers from the Taiwan

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Dolphin’s Tail Hacked Off

East Coast National Scenic Area Administration officers found a dead dolphin on Sanxiantai Reef. The carcass, which had not yet decomposed was missing a tail, and the tail appears to have been cut off with a sharp knife. It is suspected that fishermen cut off the tail after the dolphin became entangled in a fishing net. The carcass has been sent to Taiwan Cetacean Society for further research and confirmation about the cause of death. Source: Taiwan People News. Two

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Rare Omura’s Whale Sighted off Hualian

One of the world’s most mysterious species, the Omura’s Whale (Balaenoptera omurai) was recorded on video by whale watchers off the coast of Hualian on May 20. The video was uploaded to Facebook, allowing a Japanese whale expert to identify the species. It is the first confirmed record of the species in Taiwan waters. Kuroshio Ocean Education foundation spokesperson He Zile (何姿樂) said that adult Omura’s Whales grow up to 10 meters long, so the individual recorded is a juvenile.

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Rare Porpoise Washed Up On New Taipei City Beach

The remains of a rarely-seen Indo-Pacific finless porpoise was found washed up on a beach in New Taipei City’s Shimen District yesterday, January 31. Members of Taiwan Cetacean Society, along with officials from New Taipei City Animal Protection and Health Inspection Office, identified the animal as a one year old juvenile female. They estimated it had been dead about 2 days. The body showed signs of injury, but it is unknown if it was injured before it died, or damaged

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