No casualties in Hualien building collapse: motorist seen in dashcam footage found safe

It is believed there were no casualties caused by a building collapse in Hualien City earlier today after rescue crews performed a thorough search using specialized equipment, and a man seen riding a scooter under the collapsing building was traced by police and found safe. See Previous story: Hotel under demolition collapses onto road in Hualien City Early reports on the collapse of the former Manbo Holiday Hotel included dashcam video footage that showed a scooter rider in the path

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Hotel under demolition collapses onto road in Hualien City

A six story building collapsed onto a road in Hualien City during demolition work this afternoon and rescue crews are searching for possible casualties. The former Manbo Holiday Hotel on Guolian 5th Road collapsed onto the roadway at around 3:00 pm. While it is not known if there were any casualties, dashcam footage of the collapse shows a person passing by on a scooter at the time. At least three parked vehicles were crushed by the collapsed building. Hualien County

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