Raptor family saved from wildfire thanks to live Internet broadcast

A brood of black kite (Milvus migrans) hatchlings was saved from being burned alive after researchers monitoring the bird family in preparation for a live broadcast to YouTube saw the nest about to be engulfed in flames, Tuesday, March 16. The National Pingtung University of Science and Technology Bird Ecology Lab, with the support of the Forestry Bureau set up camera equipment to monitor the nest on March 12 in preparation for a constant live broadcast for the general public

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Endangered stork, rare visitor in Taiwan, found dead of electrocution

Birdwatchers in southern Taiwan were over the moon earlier this month when a rare oriental stork (Ciconia boyciana) appeared for the first time in nine years, however, the bird was found dead this morning, October 27, of apparent electrocution. The stork was first spotted in Yong’an Wetlands, Kaohsiung City in mid-October, when it was noted that the bird was tagged with the number “E37,” and fitted with a satellite transmitter. The bird was found to have been bred by researchers

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Flamingos Appear in Taiwan: Birdwatchers Flock to Tainan

Photo: Huang Yongfeng A pair of greater flamingo (Phoenicopterus roseus) has reappeared at a wetlands in Chiku, Tainan, attracting photographers and birdwatchers. Normally distributed from the north of the Indian sub-continent, through the middle-east, to the Mediterranean coast of Africa and Europe, ecologists are debating why, and how they have appeared in Taiwan. Some have speculated that the birds may have become lost, and some have asked whether it’s possible they may have escaped from a zoo. See related post

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