19-year-old medical student on trial for acid-murder of 80-year-old man

A student of Kaohsiung Medical University faced the first day of trial proceedings, yesterday, October 9, for the murder of an 80-year-old man who died in a park last year after being shocked with a stun gun, and doused with hydrofluoric acid. On the morning of July 7, 2018, the 18-year-old student named Lin, on summer vacation between graduating from high school and starting medical studies, went to a pavilion in a park at the Kaohsiung Cultural Center, to practice

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Police and Firefighter Burned in Acid Attack

Two police officers and a firefighter were treated in hospital for acid burns this morning, after a suicidal man wanted on drugs charges threw acid on them. At around 5:00am, police in Tainan City received a report that a man named Chen had locked himself into the third floor of a house in Rende District, and was threatening to commit suicide. Chen was hitting the walls of the house with a hammer, shouting, and disturbing neighbors. Police broke into the

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1 Dead 3 Injured After Acid Attack at National Taiwan University

A man splashed acid, injuring three people, then cut his own throat and died at the women’s dormitory at National Taiwan University shortly after midnight, this morning. According to preliminary police investigations, the deceased was a 25 year-old post-graduate student at Taiwan University of Science and Technology named Zhang, and the target of his attack was a 23 year-old male student studying psychology at NTU named Xie. According to Chinese language media reports, Zhang went to the dormitory armed with

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