Suspect who killed one, cut off another man’s arm, arrested after 3 weeks on the run

A suspect wanted for attacking two people with a watermelon knife, killing one, and seriously injuring another, during a dispute at a KTV in Pingtung County last month, has been arrested after a 21-day-long manhunt, Pingtung County police announced today, February 17.

Pingtung County Police received a report of a dispute at a KTV in Pingtung City at 5:36 am, January 26. Fifteen police officers were dispatched to the scene of the incident. When police arrived the fight was over, but two men were seriously injured.

A 37-year-old man, named Chen, lost vital signs at the scene, and was later declared dead at the hospital. A 40-year-old man, named Lin was sent to the hospital in a critical condition.

Police investigators identified a 24-year-old man, also named Lin, as the suspect in the attack. According to the investigation, Lin had a dispute with the two men after entering the wrong KTV booth. Lin allegedly went to his car and fetched a watermelon knife, then returned and attacked Chen and Lin.

Chen was slashed from his chest to his abdomen, and bled to death, while Lin had his right arm completely cut off.

composite image of KTV interior and a watermelon knife
The KTV lobby at time of attack. Watermelon knife image for illustrative purposes only.

Investigators found that Lin had previous criminal records, and had recently been released from prison. A special investigation team gave up their leave for the annual Lunar New Year holidays to conduct a nationwide search to track Lin down. Eventually, investigators identified an accomplice named Lee, who was acting as Lin’s proxy, and by following Lee, locked in on Lin’s location.

Police swooped and arrested Lee and Lin in a carpark in Nanzhou Township, Pingtung County, yesterday at 6:15 pm.

suspect Lin arrested and brought in to the District Prosecutor to be charged.
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2 thoughts on “Suspect who killed one, cut off another man’s arm, arrested after 3 weeks on the run

  • February 17, 2022 at 2:04 pm

    I don’t know anything about this case, but it looks to me that it represents a justifiable use of police power. Much greater police power is mobilized against those who grow cannabis in a back room of their homes, which does not cause death or injury.

    • February 20, 2022 at 12:35 am

      Yeah but cops get fat bonuses for busting weed growers (and less fat for users), so here we are with Taiwan’s ludicrously backward cannabis “policy”: hurting the lives of many so that cops get red envelopes (and a partial justification for their existence in current numbers), while big alcohol, tobacco and pharma rest assured their profits remain unchallenged.


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