Suspect arrested after mother and baby twins found dead in Taichung City

A man was arrested at an Internet Cafe in Changhua County today, suspected of being involved in the death of a woman and two babies who were found in an apartment in Taichung City yesterday, November 7.

Firefighters broke into the apartment on Guanfu Road in Taichung City’s Central District at around 6:30pm yesterday evening, after residents reported a bad smell emanating from the apartment.

The firefighters found a woman and her two baby twins wrapped in quilts, and obviously dead for some time, with signs of rigor mortis and livor mortis having set in. The woman was identified as Ms Chen, 29.

A preliminary investigation pointed to a possible homicide after it was found that Ms Chen’s phone, wallet, and other personal belongings were missing.

According to United Daily News, police arrested Ms Chen’s 30-year-old live-in boyfriend, also named Chen, at an internet Cafe in Changhua. The man admitted to killing the three.

The suspect said that he had lost control during a quarrel, and strangled Chen with his bare hands. He then smothered the twin boys with a quilt.

According to the investigation, the crime occurred around three days ago, and surveillance camera footage examined by police showed the suspect going in and out of the apartment after the crime was committed.

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