Supermarket chains launch mobile supermarkets to serve remote mountain districts

Two supermarket chains launched mobile supermarkets to serve remote mountain districts in the last few days, in what is seen as a positive move by residents in the rural areas.

On March 30, Carrefour’s Tucheng branch dispatched a mobile supermarket truck to New Taipei City’s Wulai District. The mobile supermarket was set up in the fire brigade parking lot, providing fresh fruit and vegetables, baked goods, cooked meals, instant noodles, snacks, cleaning supplies, and other consumer goods and daily necessities.

Two days later, on April 1, domestic supermarket chain PX-Mart launched a mobile market at Xiding in Chiayi County. At an elevation of 1,250 meters at the 54 kilometer mark of the Alishan Highway, it was a welcome convenience for local residents, one of whom posted the news to Facebook, generating 22, 000 likes.

mobile PX-Mart supermarket at Alishan
A mobile version of PX-Mart in a remote village near Mt Ali in Chiayi County, April 1, 2020. Picture: Facebook

Products offered by the mobile PX-Mart included toilet paper, dairy products, frozen foods, and fruit.

People who commented on Facebook praised the initiative and expressed hopes that the service would expand for the benefit of the elderly and people with limited transport options.

Carrefour said that its Taoyuan City Pingzhen branch would launch a mobile supermarket at Jiaoban Mountain in Fuxing District on April 27, and that the Tucheng Branch will dispatch the next mobile supermarket to Wulai on May 8.

The mobile supermarkets will be open from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Carrefour said that it will continue to expand the mobile supermarket service in various districts to provide more people living in rural areas with daily necessities.

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