Student Protesters Break Through Police Barriers

Student protesters broke though police barriers last night and occupied the square at the Ministry of Education. Students rocked the barrier back and forth as the chanted for the Minister of Education to step down.  The steel and razor-wire barrier was pushed down at an angle and the protesters then laid cardboard and other materials over the razor-wire so they could clamber over it.

The protests against the Ministry of Education’s politicized, China-centric changes to the curriculum, intensified after a student leader took his own life yesterday. This morning July 31, students continue to occupy the square.


Students pushing a razor-wire barrier with poles.
Protestors use poles as battering rams against a steel and razor-wire barrier erected to keep them out of the Ministry of Education building
Students climbing over a razor wire barrier at the Ministry of Education building in Taipei, Taiwan
Student protesters clamber over a razor wire steel fence after covering it with cardboard and other materials
students climbing over the collapsed barrier to enter the square in front of the MOE
Student protesters succeed in entering the grounds of the Ministry of Education building on the evening of July 30, 2015


Sources: SET News, Liberty Times Net, United Daily News

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