Ship launch doesn’t quite go to plan at Port of Kaohsiung

A ship suddenly tilted over precariously as soon as it hit the water during a launching ceremony at a shipyard in Kaohsiung Harbor this morning, March 27.

Kaohsiung Harbor Police said that the 700-ton ocean-going fishing vessel “Shengfan 188” suddenly tilted over to a 45 degree angle when it was launched at the Sanyang Shipyard in Qijin District at around 11:00 am.

Water almost reached the gunwales, and the ship was in danger of sinking.

Two nearby tugboats immediately went to the vessel’s assistance. There were 10 people aboard the Shengfan 188, but nobody was injured. The tugs pushed the ship back to the dock.

Improper ballast is believed to have been the cause of the incident.

The vessel is due to sail its first voyage in April.

fireworks at ship launch
Fireworks at launch of Shengfan 188.
newly launched ship lists dangerously to one side.
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