Serial Groper shows up in Court to face Groping Charges, and Gropes More Women

An American man due to face charges for multiple groping offences after an incident on Chongshan Road in Taipei City, January 4, was arrested again today, after showing up to the Shilin District Court, and groping a female bailiff, and other women, prior to his hearing.

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The 36 year-old man, named only as “Joseph” in reports of the original incident, and as “Joseph Aron,” in today’s Chinese language media reports, allegedly showed up at the courthouse at around 8:40am to face a court hearing at 9:10am.

According to reports including China Times, Joseph first smiled lasciviously at a female court bailiff, behind a counter with a glass window. He reportedly leaned over the counter and leered at her while giggling. When the bailiff called for help, Joseph left.

Joseph then proceeded to a Post Office counter, where he pressed his body against a female customer, touched her shoulder, and said, “Good morning, nice to meet you, I’m Tom.”

When the woman, named Zhang, did not respond, Joseph went to an entrance where a female police officer was checking people entering the courthouse at an X-ray machine. Joseph touched the woman’s buttocks, and then ran up to the second floor of the court building.

On the second floor, Joseph then touched the buttocks of a woman described as a recently graduated university student who was acting as an interpreter at the courthouse. Joseph was then arrested.

Joseph the serial groper

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One thought on “Serial Groper shows up in Court to face Groping Charges, and Gropes More Women

  • May 22, 2018 at 9:19 am

    Dude doesn’t look anywhere near 36…more like late forties or fifties


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