Road Rage: Driver forces motorcyclist off road, gets shot with pepper gun

A man was shot five times with a pepper ball gun after he forced a motorcyclist off the road in a road rage incident in Kaohsiung City, it was revealed after a video of the incident was shared on social media, yesterday, October 30.

A helmet-cam video uploaded to social media showed the driver of blue sedan cutting across traffic from the left lane to make a right-hand turn in Sanmin District at around 7:00 am on September 16.

According to the video footage, one of several motorcyclists affected by the impolite and dangerous maneuver sounds his horn at the driver.

The driver appears to have taken offence at being beeped at, and chases the motorcyclist, swerving in front, and forcing him to stop. The motorcyclist, who is wearing a helmet-mounted camera, briefly stops before proceeding around the car and continuing down the road.

The car driver cuts the motorcyclist off for the second time, and this time gets out of the car to confront him. At this point, the motorcyclist draws a pepper projectile gun and fires five shots at the driver. The driver backs off as four of the shots hit him in the head, neck, and shoulder.

injuries to the head, neck and shoulder of man who was shot with pepper ball gun
Fortunately, Yang only suffered minor injuries. Picture credit: Kaohsiung City Police Department.

Police said that the 32-year-old car driver, named Yang, filed a formal complaint against the 35-year-old motorcyclist, named Lee, alleging criminal injury, insult, and intimidation. Lee countered with a formal complaint accusing Yang of coercion.

Police seized the pepper ball gun as evidence, and handed the case over to the Kaohsiung District Prosecutor’s Office for investigation.

pepper projectile gun
Pepper projectile gun allegedly used by Lee. Picture: Kaohsiung City Police Department.
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