Ride of Silence in Honor of Cyclist who Died in Hit and Run Accident

A group of close to 100 cyclists today held a 16 kilometer “Ride of Silence” in memory of a 21 year-old university student who died after being hit by a car in Changhua County last Sunday, July 29.

The cyclists gathered in Changhua City and rode to the scene of the accident where they laid flowers for the fallen cycling enthusiast Ni (倪), who was riding with his father following behind him late afternoon last Sunday when a car traveling at high speed hit him from behind. The driver fled the scene of the accident and was arrested more than 12 hours later.

The driver, Guo, was found to have had a history of drunk driving convictions, but since he was arrested more than 12 hours after the accident, it could not be proven that alcohol had been a factor in the case. Guo argued that he thought that he had hit a power pole.

Guo was charged with negligent death and leaving the scene of an accident.

Ride leader Yu Yunqing was quoted in media reports as saying that the silent ride was designed to raise awareness of the importance of driving safety and paying attention to cyclists on the road. During the ride, cyclists communicate with gestures and hand signals if required.

The Ride of Silence originated in Dallas, Texas, in 2003, and since has become an annual event.

ride of silence
Riders participate in a Ride of Silence to commemorate a fallen comrade who died in a hit and run accident last week.
grill with missing badge
A Toyota badge found at the scene of the accident helped to identify the car involved in the accident.
toyota badge at scene of accident
Toyota badge found at the scene of the accident
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    Can’t even spell kilometre correctly ffs 100 cyclists today held a 16 kilometer

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      Pardon the faux pas.

      I understand that some readers may be upset after reading this story.

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