Rare “living fossil” goblin shark caught off Taiwan’s east coast purchased by museum

Fishermen operating out of Nanfang’ ao Fishing Port in Yilan County caught a rare deep-sea goblin shark (Mitsukurina owstoni) yesterday, and it will be used as an educational exhibit after it was purchased by a museum.

The 800-kilogram, 4.7-meter-long goblin shark was caught at a depth of 8oo meters in a bottom-trawl net, drawing criticism from some quarters.

The fact that the shark carried six unborn babies in its womb made critics even angrier.

According to the Fisheries Agency of the Council of Agriculture, bottom trawling is not completely banned. Current regulations ban bottom trawling within three nautical miles from the coast, and for boats over 50 tons, within 12 nautical miles. The exact location of the catch was not reported by media outlets.

According to media reports, the shark was about to be sold to a restaurant before the Taiwan Ocean Artistic Museum stepped in to buy the peculiar-looking shark to display in its Taipei City museum.

According to the museum, the specimen is believed to be the largest of its kind ever caught in Taiwan, and will have educational value as an example of a “rare living fossil.”

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