Public Protests Animal Abuse at Military Base

A group of around 50 people gathered this evening at the gate of a military base in Kaohsiung to demand an apology for the cruel killing of a dog by soldiers.

Earlier in the day, eggs had been thrown into the camp by passers-by.

The controversy erupted after Kaohsiung Mayor, Chen Xinyu uploaded a video to You Tube June 26 that showed soldiers hanging a young, white dog. The soldiers had beaten the dog with sticks before hanging it. After it died, one soldier was heard saying “don’t come back as a stupid dog in your next life”.

Public anger led to an apology from the Defense Minister today.

Military authorities said that nine people had been reprimanded over the incident, of which three will be punished. The three appeared with their squad-leader in a one minute video which was uploaded to the group’s Facebook page tonight. The men bowed in apology.

Protesters at a military camp in Kaohsiung
Protesters gathered at a military barracks to demand an apology for the cruel death of a stray dog, June 27. Photo: UDN
Soldiers stand at attention before bowing in apology
Soldiers who killed a dog by hanging it after beating it stand with their squad-leader before bowing in apology. Photo: Marine Corp Facebook page
Soldiers bow in apology after bringing shame to the Marine Corp
Soldiers responsible for the cruel death of a dog bow in apology June 27. Video of the incident uploaded to Youtube caused a public outrage. Photo: Marine Corp Facebook page.
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