Pro-cannabis legalization groups to hold “Marijuana Parade” in Taipei City tomorrow

Cannabis legalization advocacy groups will assemble for a parade in Taipei City tomorrow, Saturday, April 17, and police announced relevant traffic control measures today, appealing to the public to cooperate with traffic control.

It is the third annual marijuana parade since the first was held in 2019.

“The Green Wave” and other civil groups advocating the legalization of cannabis will gather in front of Taiwan’s parliamentary building, the Legislative Yuan, on the corner of Zhongshan South Road and Jinan Road.

The march will proceed down Jinan Road, turning left on Linsen South Road, then left on Qingdao East Road, and left on Zhongshan Road to finish at the same place, having made a circuit around the Legislative Yuan.

Organizers say the trend of legalization of marijuana is undergoing tremendous changes. Last year, the United Nations removed marijuana from Schedule 4 of the Single Convention on Narcotics, and many countries recognized the medical effects of marijuana. Internationally, the United States is leading the legalization of cannabis, and the US federal government will also open a new page through the “Cannabis Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act.”

Thailand is the first to declare medical cannabis legal, and is the leader of this global trend in Asia, and the Philippines, South Korea, and Japan are gradually following.

“We hope that the public can face cannabis with a more open mind,” a spokesperson for The Green Wave said.

“In 2021, the green wave will sweep the streets again , and we will take a more grand approach. With the return, we call on all sectors of the Taiwanese society to respond to this unstoppable green trend.”

According to the organizer’s website:

Event Date: Saturday, April 17, 2021

Activity time: 13:00~20:30 (The parade starts at 4:20 in the afternoon)

Venue: Legislative Yuan No. 1, Section 1, Jinan Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City.

Activities will include:

  • 417 Marijuana Equality March
  • Cannabis Friendly Market
  • Taiwanese orchestra and singer performance
  • Green world expert topic presentation
  • Creative Aircraft Contest
  • The most Chill creative plaque competition
  • Walking grass creative cross-dressing competition

Police will conduct traffic control on a section of the westbound lanes of Jinan Road from 8:30 am, and prohibit vehicles from entering. The parade route will also be controlled on a flexible basis according to numbers of participants and the progress of the parade.

Police appealed to drivers to slow down and pay attention to driving safety when traveling on relevant road sections.

Police also appealed to participants in the parade to not bring contraband, not obstruct police, engage in violent conflict, or illegal, out of order behavior.

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One thought on “Pro-cannabis legalization groups to hold “Marijuana Parade” in Taipei City tomorrow

  • April 19, 2021 at 1:06 am

    “the yanks are leading legalization”?

    Who are you kidding besides yourself? Dozens of countries are years or even decades ahead of the yanks for legalisation or decriminalisation. The yanks are always late joiners wwhen it comes to common sense policies.


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