Police fire 4 shots chasing gravel truck in Kaohsiung City

Police fired at a gravel truck’s tires, after the driver refused to stop for a roadside inspection, attempted to ram a police motor scooter, and took to the freeway in an attempt to escape, in Kaohsiung City today, December 8.

Two officers from the Gangshan Police station stopped a gravel truck suspected to be overloaded near the Yanchao Interchange in Renwu District at around 10:30 am. However, the 38-year-old driver, named Lu, suddenly attempted to ram one of the police motor scooters, and headed for the freeway.

A police officer, named Hsu, following Article 4 of the “Regulations on the Use of Police Equipment,” fired two shots at the gravel truck’s left rear tire.

Concerned that the police officers would not be able to keep up with the truck on the freeway on their scooters, a witness driving a BMW offered his services as a driver. Officer Hsu got into the BMW and followed the truck, while the other officer called for backup.

Unaware that he was being followed by police, Lu eventually exited the freeway in Renwu District and and parked the truck at a depot on Huanhu Road.

Officer Hsu waited for police backup to arrive before he called Lu to get out of the vehicle. However, Lu started to reverse the truck in another attempt to evade police. Officer Hsu fired two shots at the front tire of the gravel truck.

With a flat left front tire, Lu finally stopped, and was arrested.

Lu was breath tested and found not affected by alcohol.

Gangshan Police Branch Director, Ye Hsi-shan said that the officers had spent 20 minutes chasing the truck over a distance of 8 kilometers. Ye expressed his gratitude to the member of the public, named Lee, who assisted the officers. As for Mr Lu, he will face fines for violating four regulations under the Road Traffic Management Act, including failing to stop for a police inspection, speeding, overloading, and leakage from the load he was carrying. Lu will also face criminal charges for obstructing an official in discharge of duties.

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