Police Dispatch Elite Force to Bust MMA-fighting Cram School Teacher for Growing Pot

An American cram school teacher was arrested after a police raid on his apartment in Nangang District, Taipei City, uncovered a small cannabis growing operation in the apartment, along with the finished product, including buds and leaves, marijuana butter, and marijuana tincture.

According to media reports including Mirror Media, police had been watching and investigating the 33 year-old man, named as “Kyle,” for some time after receiving a report that the man was growing cannabis in his apartment.

During the investigation, police discovered that the tall, muscular, blond American, was a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu expert, and an amateur Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter with considerable fighting skills.

Criminal Bureau Investigators assembled a “special force” of police to ensure the safety of their officers in case the suspect attempted to fight his way out of the raid. According to Mirror Media, the force included a police instructor with a background in Judo, and 13 cops with elite martial arts skills.

However, video released by police shows that Kyle was calm and cooperative after police raided his home.

When police entered the premises, they detected the strong odor of cannabis. Police seized cultivation equipment, 95 grams of dried heads, 305 grams of un-dried leaf, 16 grams of dried leaf, 1,152 grams of marijuana butter, and 411 grams of cannabis tincture.

Kyle explained to police that consuming cannabis via butter and tincture avoided damaging the lungs.

Police delivered Kyle to the Shilin District Prosecutor’s Office to be charged for violating the Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act, under which Cannabis is classed as a schedule two drug, along with dangerous and addictive drugs, including methamphetamine.

According to SETN, the District Prosecutor determined that there was no evidence that Kyle had been selling drugs, there was no need for his detention, and that he could be released on NT$150,000 bail, with restrictions on exiting the country.

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