Pastor grapples with waiter over COVID dining rules

The pastor of a church in Nantou County lost his temper and physically attacked a waiter at a restaurant who insisted his party separate into two socially-distanced groups to prevent the spread of the deadly COVID doomsday virus.

Pastor Lu, the minister of a church in Puli Township went to a local steak restaurant with four friends for lunch on October 12. The 18-year-old waiter, named Ho, insisted Lu’s party of five comply with the restaurant’s COVID-19 prevention regulations, and split into two groups separated by one empty table.

Recently, Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command Center has relaxed some of the strict rules on epidemic prevention, and most restaurants have removed partitions and rules that insisted even small family groups maintain social distancing when dining in.

Pastor Lu pointed out to the waiter that McDonald’s and other restaurants in the town had removed partitions and social distancing measures. However, Ho insisted that it was store policy to maintain social distancing, and avoid group gathering.

Pastor Lu eventually lost his temper, banged the table with both fists, stood up, and grabbed Ho by the lapels. As Lu and Ho began to wrestle, the store manager and a friend of Lu’s rushed forward to separate the two.

Following the fight, Ho, accompanied by his parents went to a clinic for a medical examination and report, and filed a complaint with police. Lu also filed a complaint against Ho, claiming that Ho had punched him.

Man breaks up fight between pastor and waiter
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2 thoughts on “Pastor grapples with waiter over COVID dining rules

  • October 20, 2021 at 1:24 pm

    “Crimanently!” as we say where I grew up. It is not the position of a waiter to engage a customer in a confrontational manner like that. He should’ve withdrawn and called the manager straightaway. I wonder about the “eyes” recording all of this so conveniently. Does that mean cameras are now cropping up everywhere in Taiwan?

  • October 21, 2021 at 1:15 am

    Are cameras cropping up everywhere in Taiwan? I hope so. Cameras are obviously required to protect us from Christian “leaders” when their uselessly fragile bubbles break and their bad play-acting abilities weaken. More cameras please! Too many crazies around the world, festering in churches, mosques and synagogues. They require supervision when in public.


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