News Briefs Tuesday September 26

Autumn Tiger: High Temperatures Across Taiwan

taiwan heat map
Picture: Central Weather Bureau.

Hot weather continues into Autumn. What westerners sometimes call an Indian Summer is called Autumn Tiger in Chinese.

Taipei recorded a maximum temperature of 37.1°C at 12:48pm, while the normally cooler Matsu Islands saw a maximum of 36.6°C. Meteorologists warn that the high temperatures will persist for another couple of days.

The hot weather is the result of a Pacific high pressure system.

Mountain areas may experience thunderstorms in the afternoon.

Police Swoop on Gangs

guns and narcotics seized by police in Taipei City
Guns and narcotics seized in a police raid in Taipei City, September 26, 2017. Picture: LTN.

In response to violence perpetrated by gangsters masquerading as a civil organization outside of National Taiwan University on Sunday, 392 police raided 95 locations across Taipei City and seized guns, narcotics, and other evidence in the early hours of this morning.

The crackdown is the 6th wave this year in an attempt to sweep the city clean of organized crime. The strategy aims to cut off the funding sources of organized crime, such as illegal casinos, drug trafficking, extortion rackets, black-market loans, and prostitution.

China Unification Party Members Questioned and Sent for Re-hearing

Zhang Wei facing reporters
Zhang Wei faced further questioning today at Daan Police Station. Picture: LTN.

Six members of the CUP, including Zhang Wei arrived at Daan Police Station at 11:00am this morning for further questioning over an incident Sunday when they roughed up pro-independence student protestors. The 6 are expected to have their case heard again at the Prosecutor’s office at 2:30pm.

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Penghu: First Turtle Nest Excavation Disappoints

turtle nest being dug up
Conservation officers excavate a turtle nest on a beach in Penghu County, September 26, 2017. Picture: LTN.

Conservation officers from the Penghu County Agriculture and Fisheries Bureau were disappointed today after digging up the first green sea turtle nest of the season, only to find that the eggs were unfertilized. A total of 76 eggs were found in the nest. The eggs were laid August 5, and normally have a 50 day incubation period.

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Fish-kill in Hsinchu County

dead fish in the Touqian River
Dead fish in a river in Hsinchu County, September 26, 2017.

Environmental protection officers in Hsinchu County are investigating a fish kill after dead fish washed up along a 1.2km stretch of the Touqian River (頭前溪) in Zhubei City. Officers say the die-off may have been caused by the hot weather, but took samples to test for contamination.

The affected stretch of the river is downstream from a weir that serves as a major source of water supply for the county.

Dog Tied to Tree and Abandoned in Park

abandoned dog with note tied to collar
Dog found abandoned in park in Kaohsiung City, September 26, 2017. Picture: KCSSA

Animal welfare volunteers are caring for a dog found tied to a tree in a park in Gushan District of Kaohsiung City today. A note attached to the dog’s collar said the owner could no longer take care of the animal. “I can only eat soft food,” the note said.

The dog suffers from a skin problem and was taken to a veterinary hospital for treatment.

Kaohsiung City Agriculture Bureau said it will find the owner and help place the animal in a new home.

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