Monkey appears to be hard at work at Sun Yat-sen University

A picture of a Formosan macaque in an office at National Sun Yat-sen University in Kaohsiung City has gone viral on social media, as it appears that the monkey is working diligently, and highly focused on the task at hand.

“Currently, universities are on vacation, but look who’s at work in the communication office at Sun Yat-sen University,” Chang Morgan posted on Facebook, Wednesday, February 3.

Lin Meiyin, secretary-general of the Taiwan Macaque Coexistence Promotion Association said that Sun Yat-sen University’s location is an original habitat of the Formosan Macaque, and that it’s quite common for the animals to enter offices and classrooms if doors or windows are left open.

While the monkeys may go in search of food, it’s not a sign of shortage of natural food in winter. The male monkeys are actively seeking new communities and mating partners, Lin said.

Sun Yat-sen University Senior Vice President Huang I-Yu said that the school has monkey proof window screens installed, and reminded personnel to keep windows and doors closed. The school has also purchased paintball guns, and has more than 10 dogs to help keep the pesky critters at bay.

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Huang said that in the past there have been incidents of macaques sneaking into student dormitories and stealing food such as instant noodles. They open drawers and cupboards, and overturn boxes in their quest for snacks.

The Agriculture Bureau of the Kaohsiung City Government promotes a “three noes policy” for macaques: no feeding, no interference, and no contact, to ensure the safety of citizens, tourists, and the macaques.

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