Migrant workers caught growing cannabis, breaching epidemic restrictions in Pingtung County

A group of migrant workers were charged for growing cannabis, and producing marijuana cigarettes in Pingtung County, Sunday, and will also be fined for breaching epidemic restrictions, Liberty Times, and United Daily News reported today, Tuesday, May 25.

Ligang Police Sub-bureau received a report claiming that someone was growing marijuana and making marijuana cigarettes, leading to an investigation that culminated in a raid on a property in Yanpu Township at around 3:00 pm, Sunday.

Police arrested six Thai and Vietnamese migrant workers. As the six people were together inside the building, and not wearing masks, they will be fined for breaching epidemic restrictions that limit gatherings to five or less people indoors, and mandate the wearing of masks.

Investigators seized 13 cannabis plants, 19 marijuana cigarettes, and equipment used to cultivate and produce a prohibited drug.

The arrested suspects consisted of a 44-year-old male Thai national, a 40-year-old Thai national, a 48-year-old Thai national, a 39-year-old male from Vietnam, a 41-year-old male from Thailand, and a 47-year-old female Vietnamese national. Two of the migrant workers were of absconded migrant worker status.

Police said that the value of the plants and finished products was estimated at around NT$5 million.

migrant workers arrested and handcuffed in Pingtung County
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One thought on “Migrant workers caught growing cannabis, breaching epidemic restrictions in Pingtung County

  • May 26, 2021 at 9:17 am

    Wow, everyones in the wrong business! Students take 2 years off and learn to grow it, speak to no-one about it, stockpile it, and then open a business thats legal, or maybe buy a house. There is nothing wrong with this plant, its legal almost everywhere but again,Taiwan is just so far behind.


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