Man Survives 6 Days and Typhoon After Motorcycle Accident in the Mountains

A motorcyclist taking a ride through the scenic mountains of Ilan County last Sunday, September 25, slipped off the road and down a steep slope in wet weather. The man was found by road engineers surveying typhoon damage today, Friday September 30.

The 30 year-old man, surnamed Lin, from Luodong in Ilan County, was riding in the Mingchih (Clear Lake) Forest Recreation Area during wet weather, when he lost control and went over the edge of the road. Lin said that his memory of the accident is vague as he lost consciousness after he hit a tree 6 meters down the slope.

After regaining consciousness, he was too weak to clamber up the slope, and spent the night sheltering under a tree. Lin was wearing a raincoat, but had no food, and no cellphone. Rain increased the following day as Typhoon Megi approached the area.

Mingchih sits at the highest point of Highway 7, at 1700 meters altitude. As the category 3 typhoon slammed into Taiwan, heavy rain washed out sections of the road above and below his position. When he finally managed to climb back up to the road, he was trapped on a virtual island.

Weakened by 6 days and 5 nights without food, he sat on the side on the road. Road engineers surveying the damaged road found the man today. The engineers called rescue personnel who carried the man out and took him to a hospital.

Mr Lin is helped into an ambulance by rescue workers
A man is helped into an ambulance after sitting out a typhoon sheltered only by a raincoat and motorcycle helmet in a 5 night, 6 day ordeal. Photo: LTN
Rescue workers on the edge of a precipice
Rescue workers on a mission to rescue a man trapped in the mountains in Ilan County. Photo: LTN
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