Man suffers electric shock after climbing onto train roof

A 26-year-old man suffered burn injuries to his lower body, after he clambered onto the roof of a train and came into contact with overhead power lines at Wuri Station in Taichung City, yesterday, February 3.

A train conductor was called to one of the train carriages shortly before the incident at around 1:15 pm, after receiving a complaint that a man was harassing passengers on the local commuter train.

The offending passenger, named Wu, alighted from the train after being spoken to by the conductor, but was then seen climbing onto the roof from between two of the train cars. Video monitor footage of the incident showed Wu suddenly engulfed in a pall of smoke as he gets too close to the 25,000 volt electricity line.

As the smoke clears, Wu is seen urgently removing his burning trousers. Sitting on the edge of the car’s roof, smoking trousers dangling around his ankles. Wu then falls to the station platform.

illustration of story
An illustrative depiction of the incident from a Liberty Times report.

A TRA employee, and a member of the public rushed to Wu’s assistance, using a fire extinguisher to spray Wu’s legs.

Remaining conscious throughout the ordeal, Wu was treated by paramedics and rushed to hospital, where he is being treated for second-degree burns to 36% of his body, concentrated around his hands, legs and crotch.

Wu is reported to be a resident of Kaohsiung City with no registered history of mental illness, and had boarded the train in Changhua.

Trains on the line were delayed 10 – 30 minutes until normal traffic resumed at around 4:30 pm.

injured man on station platform
Picture: Taichung Fire Bureau.
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